urban dance teachers.

Here are our dance teachers for the competitive and regular classes we offer here at Juste Danse for kids, teenagers, and adults.
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N'Gone Gueye.

Hip Hop, Dancehall, Pop & lock.

NGone Gueye, AKA Alter-Nego is a versatile urban dancer who started her journey in 2007 at Shauna Roberts Dance Center. She started Popping with Venom as her main coach, then slowly turned to Hip Hop and Dancehall, which later became her main styles. Hip Hop teacher since 2013, she teaches in various schools such as Juste Danse, Jano Dance School and Shauna Roberts Dance Center. In 2015, she turned to other urban styles such as Locking with coach Laurie Archambault. In addition to being a choreographer, she actively participates in the underground urban scene by participating in improvisational competitions (battles). She will also go semi-final battle Kiff Your Style 2015 in All Style, and Top 3 Battle Catch Di Riddim 2017 Dancehall.
Ngone Gueye also participated in several major events as a dancer or freestyler. She performed on the main stage of Place des Art at the Festival De La Mode in 2015, at the Montreal Gai Festival Parade, Montreal Pride in 2015 and 2016, at Feux Loto Québec in Quebec City in 2017, at the Jamaican Day Festival in Montreal in 2017 and many others. She belongs to several dance and collective groups, including Systèm'A the elite dancehall troupe in Montreal, coached by the twins Kayliss and Jayanne recognized in Europe. She is also part of the Band Sunsquad Moonwalker with whom she will go to the finals for the big competition of Quebec City Levis, city of Rock.
Active and passionate, Ngone Gueye defines herself as a single dancer borrowed from several different urban styles. It stands out on the urban scene by its creativity, talent and adaptability.

Zach D-4320.jpg

Zachary Dopson.

Hip hop, dancehall, Contemporary, Jazz.  

Born and raised in the ghetto of Montreal, Zachary knew throughout his back and forth childhood, that he would find something that is worth working towards.

Zachary started dancing in 2009 at the age of 14 at MacDonald High School's elite Contemporary & Ballet dance team. During his two years in the team, he trained with some of Montreal's finest ballet professionals where he would then perform at different schools, shows such as TOPS, various elderly homes and more.. This was his first real introduction into the dance world EVER and he still felt like something was missing. 
After being involved in a major production for the Greek community in Montreal where Zachary's choreography ability was put to the test, the studio the Hip Hop House in which he was renting from asked for him to be a permanent dance teacher. His ability to start teaching at such a young age with being handed classes with students much older than him, made his love for choreography grow as well as his opportunities. 

Here are a couple mentions,

  • Choreographer for Lotto Quebec’s Top 40 Montreal Casino Show 2017.

  • Choreographer for Lotto Quebec’s Caliente Montreal Casino Show 2017.

  • Choreographer for promotion of a New York clothing company 2017.

  • Restaurant Promotion St Patrick’s day Parade. (Head director of float) 2015.

  • LaSalle College Fashion Show invited artist 2015.

  • Dancer at Shaar Hashomyim 50th year celebration (Tap) 2011.

  • Dancer at DiverCite Montreal 2014.

  • Choreographer for 2+ Montreal based music videos. 

  • Hip Hop 1st places, all ages, Hit the Floor competition. 

  • Hip Hop 1st places, all ages, Reprezent dance competition. 

  • Hip Hop 1st places, all ages, Bravissimo dance competition. 



Steph Tam.


Steph was always interested in the art of dance ever since she was a young girl. When she was just 6 years old, she officially started taking dance class and her passion started to really blossom. She has taken jazz, ballet, and even some social dancing while she was training in Montreal. But Steph didn't stop there, she then travelled to Los Angeles to train with the top of the line choreographers at some very reputable studios. 
After 11 years of competing, teaching, and travelling for dance, the one thing that still rings true to Steph is that she loves sharing her passion for dance with her students and helping them find their own self confidence and love for this art.




Alex started dancing hip hip at the age of 11. He was part of a hip hop team for 5 years and then got approached  by Montreal based dance agency. Alex stopped competing and started his professional dance career. At the age of 16 he was the youngest agency member. He then started booking contracts and a few months later started teaching. Since then Alex has been training the next generation of dancers.